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We're enamored by the bold, contemporary flair woven into the tradition style. Our dream is to shoot a wedding in Marrakech overlooking the rolling sand dunes. 


We’ve been hooked since we got a peek of the whites and blues of the land and sea. Mix that with the savory food, timeless architecture, and rich history of Greece and you’ve got two huge fans. 


We've admired the terrain and gorgeous scenery in almost every epic movie; especially Nate's favorite - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In these wide open spaces, imagination runs free. 

Love knows no boundaries — neither does our inspiration. Each of these destinations have influenced our work.

If you’re getting married in one of these places, we’d be honored to join you!


Shooting a wedding here brings together Spain’s nostalgic history with the newness of marriage. We would love to capture a joyous love story radiating with deep heritage
and family. 

puerto rico

Every time we step foot on this sun-bathed island, it feels like home. Kelsey's dream is to capture a wedding underneath the splendor of a flamboyan tree. 


From what we’ve heard, our camera would like to live on these beaches. We already know it will be hard to get Nate to leave because he’s already addicted to the national drink – coffee.

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