According to Snapchat

Life > hustle

Something I’ve been processing and talking through with Nate over the past month. We LOVE our couples and are honored that we get be part of incredible moments – it’s life giving. We serve clients by making sure we’re filled up – that we’re pursuing passions, staying healthy, and spending intentional time together.  

So in honor of intentional time, the NBA playoffs, and Lebron James, Nate’s birthday came 3 months early.

When I picked up Nate on Wednesday for Chipotle, he didn’t go back to work. Instead, we went straight to Ohio to attend our FIRST professional basketball game. When he got in the car after lunch, there was a Cavs shirt draped over his seat. He thought the shirt was the surprise and was super thankful for it – like the children who open vegetables as prank Christmas presents and love them. Once Nate processed that his bags were packed for him and that work was being left in Lynchburg, he got excited.

We spent the night in Lebanon and headed to Cleveland the next day for the game. In true Schwenk fashion, we ran from our hotel and made it just in time for tipoff. It was fierce. Cavs fans love their team and they show it passionately. Plus, playoff game attendees get free t-shirts…if only yellow were my color.

My favorite part was watching Nate enjoy the game while eating arena chicken tenders and fries. His favorite part of the trip was the game. I know because he kept saying “I didn’t know how much I would love this.” I call that a birthday win.


Given that Nate is an incredible driver and I’m an amazing car sleeper, I came back rested for Saturday’s wedding at Diamond V Farm where I second shot for Ashley Elizabeth Photography.

This brings us up to date with our Snapchat happenings. If you’re not already following, you can find me at kelsey.schwenk and Nate at nate.schwenk to keep up with updates in real time. Be warned though – if you follow me you basically follow #ourdoghenry. Because Henry > hustle.