5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Ordinary Workshop | Charlotte, North Carolina

Last week, registration for The Ordinary Workshop went live and a couple of those 8 spots have already been taken!! So you’re still on the fence? Let’s get you over to the other side, here’s 5 reasons why you should DEFINITELY COME.

Reason 1 | You don’t have to shoot film like me. But “whhhhhhhat? Isn’t this where I learn film?” Yes! BUT just like digital, two people using the same equipment and shooting the same subject doesn’t equal the same photo. So in film, if two people are shooting the same format, same film stock, and even using the same scanner, it doesn’t equal the same photo. Why? Because the biggest variable is YOU and your preferences. For example, here are two photos edited 3 different ways.


They weren’t even scanned different scanners - just edited according to different preferences. So come learn film with me but don’t think that what you shoot HAS to look like my work. Our goal is to help you explore and find your preferences!!

Reason 2 |  The FIND Lab. They are freaking sponsoring this workshop and will be providing some awesomeness for attendees. They know their stuff and even if you don’t want to use them (seriously, no pressure), they are an INCREDIBLY helpful resource.

Reason 3 | The workshop is a business expense - read: tax write off. Investing in yourself and your business should absolutely be a priority. I could write a lot about this, but I’m jumping off my soapbox because there’s still 2 more reasons.

Reason 4 | Payment Plan. Look, We’re not stupid, this workshop is extremely affordable on purpose. We really love film and teaching and WANT to make this as accessible as possible -- and part of doing that is a payment plan. Don’t want to pay the full amount upfront? No problem. Three easy payments of $250 will get you where you need to go. Send me an e-mail here and I’ll get you set-up today.

Reason 5 | You get to learn from someone else! Surprise!! KC Lostetter will be joining us to teach sessions and help with the workshop. She’s another amazing film photographer and when I met her, she hailed from Hawaii. She just recently moved to Colorado with her adorable family and if you stand close enough, you’ll get a dose of her fantastic humor. She’s a serious color master and her double exposures and light leaks basically transport you to another world. Check out her Instagram here.

R - photo by  KC Lostetter  | L -  photo by  Annie Groves

R - photo by KC Lostetter | L -  photo by Annie Groves

So let’s go! Grab a friend, sign-up together, and let’s get this Ordinary party started

*Check out the FAQ's here to get the skinny on The Ordinary Workshop