Annnnd Baby Schwenk is a ... | Charlotte, North Carolina | Film Photographer

Nate moved to Charlotte and I stayed in Lynchburg for a couple weeks wrapping things up before heading to Chicago via Richmond for #Hamilton.

The DAY before I left Richmond I found out I was pregnant. That Sunday morning -- just me and Henry in our empty, but dearly loved downtown loft. I cried in disbelief when I saw the positive test and then disbelief turned into wonder. (Read why here). Obviously I had to tell Nate I facetimed Kathryn. I knew Nate would be working that morning and I couldn't just text him. I figured this was the type of news you tell your husband, the father to your growing baby, in person. Kathryn and I brainstormed ways to get to me charlotte and back in one day but nothing was feasible. So I lived the longest week of my life (eating the best pizza and fulfilling my broadway dreams with my friend Sarah) and planned for how I would tell Nate when I arrived in North Carolina.

Every year we pick out an ornament that represents a special memory from that year. So I let Nate know I had found the perfect ornament in Chicago aka Hallmark online. It was a rocking horse that said “Baby’s First Christmas 2018.”

I knew it was important to Nate to capture this news on video. He had been veeeeeery clear about that. So I schemed with Kathryn and Drew and they got Nate to set-up his own video equipment under the guise that he’d be recording something for them. So as the video begins, that’s where you find us. Sitting on the couch pretending to be Drew and Kathryn so they could see the video frame and approve the crop. And it worked like magic.

As for the gender, thanks to SneakPeek, we found out at 9 weeks was baby Schwenk was. We received an e-mail, had Drew print it, and place the results in an envelope for us to open. And well, we’re excited. Thank you friend for being part of our journey. Our baby is already loved by so many - we could never begin to adequately thank you.


So, were you surprised? Any suggestions for me now that we know? We welcome any and all tips and advice!