Demi & Chance | Engagement Session | Charlotte, North Carolina

The story of Demi and Chance began in High school, but, and some would say more importantly, the story of Demi and Kelsey began 3 years ago in an abandoned field in Lynchburg, Virginia. I realize that sounds sketchy but it's not. I was taking photos for my sister and brother-in-law to announce their pregnancy and Demi was completing a senior session. We brought too much confetti to handle so we recruited Demi and she showed her confetti throwing skills like a boss. 

From there we started running into each other all over town and connected over photography, healthcare, and dogs. She even babysat #ourdoghenry and then got a sweet Schnoodle of her own. Fast forward to last August when Nate and I moved to Charlotte, then Chance did (for his own job, not because of us) and then Demi eventually moved as well. You see where this is going, right? We call this friendship fate and we're okay with it. Plus, it meant that I got to celebrate with Demi in person after their engagement this Spring!

It also meant that I had the incredible honor of photographing their engagement session at Champagne Manor. A seriously beautiful venue located in Monroe -- the outskirts of Charlotte. The weather was perfect, they were perfect, and their dog Winston was perfect which means these photos are perfect. So what're you waiting for?! Take a look! We're so excited for you Demi and Chance and I can't wait to stand next to you as a bridesmaid and celebrate your wedding this year!!


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