Vaughan Family | Irvington Spring Farm | Lynchburg, Virginia

Plain and simple, this family is a joy. If you’ve worked with them while they’re behind cameras for Megan’s wedding photography business or Mitch’s Videography business (or have interacted with 15 month old Max in any capacity –  I mean, come on) then you know it’s true. One of our greatest honors, however, is not only calling these wonderful people friends, but being able to switch places with them and document their lives.

This happy family session happened in the heart of Lynchburg at Irvington Spring Farm and though I might be biased, I’m in flower heaven. Megan’s vision for this session was bright, joyful, and a field of flowers and I’d say she makes her dreams come true. Although it rained for the first part of the session, it allowed us to capture some great moments in the greenhouse on-site and when the sun came out in full force – the field of flowers was everything that we needed.

PENTAX 645NII | Pentax 67II

FUJI 400