So, We're Moving!

We’re moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

We didn’t expect this to happen so fast so we’re sad about the things we didn’t even realize we’d miss. It’s like even though hearing people chew is my NUMBER one pet peeve (To the point where I get angry), I find myself saying, “Lynchburg, I don’t care if you chew with your mouth open, I still love you!”

Yesterday Nate and I talked about how there wasn’t time to mentally prepare for all of our “lasts” here. That if we had known that it was our last time at the Market, our last snow day, the last time our community group met, or the last time enjoying our favorite meals with friends then we would’ve savored those times more. But maybe there’s a sneaky lesson in there – not the cliché live every moment like it’s your last – but live in every moment because that’s where joy is found. In the ordinary moments that are so familiar, they are often overlooked. When we learn to embrace, pause, and welcome them, we’re freed up to live in joy.

Lynchburg is all our marriage has known. I mean we moved 2 days after we got married! Lynchburg is where we grew our business – where we met incredible #kncouples and were privileged to celebrate the start of their marriages. It’s where #ourdoghenry joined our family. It’s where people we love live.

The great news is that Charlotte is the ONLY airport that Lynchburg flies to aaaaand if you play your cards right, you might get stuck there. Now, you’ll have a friend to call when you do.

When are you leaving?
Okay take a deep breath with me. We’re leaving tomorrow – as in Saturday. Nate starts his new job on Monday so as soon as this post is up, I’m going to finish packing the kitchen.

That’s not enough time?!
I KNOW. But we’re still okay with it. It’s been about 10 days since we were 80% moving and 5 since we were 100%. If we had any doubts that this isn’t what we’re supposed to be doing, I would protest. But we know that we know that we know that this is our next step.

Will you be back?
You can’t keep us away from this little slice of off-highway heaven. Again, people we love live here and we still have sessions and weddings all over Virginia. AND there’s a workshop that I’m over the moon excited about.

Will you still run your business here?
Absolutely! Since I have sessions, I’ll be back up for a week at a time until December. So my “goodbye” is drawn out and I’m okay with that. We’ll still service Virginia (Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, DC) while expanding to Charlotte. SO – if you know people in Charlotte, start sending them our way!

And The Ordinary Workshop?
So glad you asked! It’s still happening and you can early-bird it and sign-up here!

Where will you be living?
We’re moving in with our favorite 16-month-old, Linus. My sister Kathryn and her husband Drew have so graciously opened their home to us while we search for a new #schwenkspace. This makes transitioning so much easier because we’re not forced to reactionary buying. It also means that we get to be a part of Linus’ growing up and that is invaluable. We’re also looking for renters to take over the best loft right on Lynchburg’s Main Street – you can e-mail me here if you’re seriously looking!

What will you be doing?
I’ll still be doing this! Families, couples, weddings, and film photography – that won’t change! We’ll still do wedding films (as in video) as well! Nate will be working full-time at Elevation church managing the social media for Elevation Worship. I’m incredibly excited and proud of him as he continues to grow his gifting and passion for communications and marketing.

And finally, why Charlotte?
Because it’s the happiest place on earth! Just kidding – that’s the beach. We knew we wanted to stay on the East Coast because being close to family is a priority for us no matter where that is. (Check out this article that solidified our thoughts last year) Moving further north was not an option because winter. We wanted to still be able to service VA with our business and live close to an international airport. When Kathryn and Drew moved to Charlotte, we already knew eventually we would make our way down to the Carolinas. I just never thought it would be this soon.

I’ve felt the feelings in a week I normally feel in a month; so if you catch me tearing up, you know why. We’re excited, incredibly hopeful, slightly overwhelmed with packing up our loft that we’ve loved so much, sad, and confident. We’re confident that this is our next step and new home. And really Charlotte isn’t that far…from anywhere because there’s an airport that has more than one airline which will be one thing we will NOT miss.

So if you’re reading this, chances are we love you and are grateful for you investing in our lives and we’ll see you soon.

Much Love,

Kelsey, Nate & Henry.