Linus Drew Miller's First Birthday | Lynchburg, VA

A year ago we were introduced to our nephew Linus and this past weekend we celebrated his first birthday. To say he is the best is an understatement. We love that he's just learning how to nod his head yes in slow motion and take two steps in a row. We also love that he lives 15 minutes down the road from us. However, he (along with his parents) will be moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in April so we're making sure we get extra baby kisses in to hold us over in between visits.  

Living so close to family allowed us to be present during pregnancy, birth, and the first incredible year of his life. Which also means we had the honor to document it on film and video. During the middle of her pregnancy, Kathryn asked if we could capture some video footage of the last 4 months of her pregnancy so she could save these moments forever. 

Though Nate and I tag-teamed the filming, he's the mastermind behind stitching it together for Linus' birthday. The first time I saw it I wanted Linus to be little again so I could just hold him in when he was so scrunched up. It is insane how fast time has gone and we're constantly re-learning the importance of documenting our lives with film photography and video. This little moments are the ones we don't want to ever forget.

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