The Grammys | Part II

The Grammy’s in one word: surreal.

If you haven’t heard about how we won tickets to the best show we’ll ever attend, click here to read all about it. We were thrilled to go but we also felt so much love from family and friends near and far by how excited everyone was for us! Honestly, that made it even more special. Like everyone who shared in the joy by liking or commenting on Facebook or like our dear friends Ty and Ash who asked for a photo to put on what happens to be our favorite Monday blog. It made it so much more fun for us that we felt like we got to experience this with others!

Now it’s time to gush!

Getting there

For the time that Nate and I lived in Las Vegas, we’d make weekend trips to California to go to the beach and visit friends. So being back on the West Coast was a hug to our EST bodies and arriving in LA was like a short visit home.

Knowing we would be in California, we scheduled a session with Daphne Mae Photography and I’m so glad we did. Aside from Alex being an absolute gem, we enjoyed relaxing on the other side of the camera and styling ourselves! I wore a dress from Morning Lavender – an online boutique that our friend Meghan had recommended when I was on the hunt for THE dress for the Grammys.

In Los Angeles

Speaking of the dress, I highly underestimated just how hard it would be for me to find something to wear. I knew Nate would be his dapper self in a fitted black tux but as soon as we met up with my college roommate Emily, we were on the hunt again – LA style. We spent part of Friday shopping around and I had my judge panel: Nate, Emily, and virtual Kathryn. We narrowed it down to two black dresses, I took the night to think about it and went back to a boutique the next day to get the clear winner. Game, set, match. I will now wear this dress every day because I love it so much. So invite me places - doesn't matter where, I'll be there in black tie wear.


As soon as we walked out of our Downtown LA hotel, we spotted other tuxes and gowns and followed the natural line to the Staples Center where Nate flashed our tickets at every check point. We checked in with WDBJ7 over the weekend with videos and here’s one right before we walked the red carpet.

Since all 14,000 attendees needed to be seated before the show began, the security team kept the line fast moving. We managed to get our picture together during slow points and we were even able to peer over our side of the carpet onto the celebrity side.

It’s an unreal experience to be feet away from people you’ve only seen on screens. Like when we were walking down the non-celebrity red carpet and were 9 inches from Carrie Underwood annnd also 50 photographers who were yelling her name like that’s what they were born to do. On our walk we spotted Ryan Seacrest, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw.

With 15 minutes to spare, we found our seats and tried to spot as many people as possible. Once the music started, those three and a half hours flew – It was incredible! Adele straight slayed that auditorium with her voice and received a massive standing ovation when she bravely started over and finished the tribute to George Michael. Katy Perry’s set was executed so brilliantly it was easily one of our favorites, and singing Sweet Caroline with that many people felt like the biggest wedding reception we’ve ever attended.

We also loved getting a look behind the scene logistics of executing something so massive. Being in business has made us even more curious about processes like this. We could see the two sides of the stage being set up and torn down like clockwork. We watched as people changed seats during commercial breaks for what was scheduled next, and how Beyoncé’s team brushed her hair and made sure she stayed cool while the camera’s weren’t rolling. We laughed when James Corden’s mother sat with Nick Jonas and we teared up when Adele gave homage to Beyoncé and her album Lemonade during her final acceptance speech. I still cannot believe we were able to experience such a massive amount of talent in one place.

The After Party

Aside from the actual Grammys, this is what we were most excited about. A classy setting where there’s a continuous flow of entertainment, food, drinks, and celebrities. It’s where we would tell our favorites how much we admired their work, thank them, and then ask for a photo. We’d even received advice from a friend who had 20 years of award show experiences. He gave us tips on approaching and interacting with celebrities – our plan was flawless. One variable we overlooked was the flu. Ten minutes into the after party, a fever and some beautiful hives crashed our date so we headed back to the hotel where Nate took care of me. Although we had established that he would go back to enjoy the party, he stayed with me – what a man.


Would we go back?! Absolutely! If you have tickets for next year, count us in! I’m more dress savvy and we're confident we could wing it again and give the after party a better shot! And to my mother’s approval, I would add one more thing to my list: the flu shot.