Timeless Southern Bridal Session | The Biltmore | Asheville, North Carolina

Much like family sessions, I never knew how much I would love doing bridal sessions. They sneak up on you with time and creative space that weddings don’t always allow for. So if you’re thinking about a bridal session, let’s talk!

Now that Rachel & Will are married and the film from their South Carolina wedding is at The FIND Lab, I can share some of my favorites from Rachel’s Bridal Session. From the outside, it might not seem like narrowing these down for a post was hard but it was! To give you a little insight, I miiiight have shot 11 rolls for this session and, I kid you not, I could’ve shot more.

As far as the setting for this session, the classic Southern Bride knows that the Biltmore is the place to have portraits taken. Boasting the largest estate in America, it spans a little under 7,000 acres and you could spend a good three days there and still have more to explore.

For Rachel, it was important to her that her wedding dress was timeless. She wanted to be able to look at her wedding photos any year down the road and have it frozen in time by style. I would say she nailed it. Rachel chose a classic A-line ball gown with a lace overlay for the top. And to complete her gorgeous ensemble and sentiment, she wore her mother-in-law’s beautiful lace cathedral veil. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, or anything in-between, what’s most important is that you know what you love, what represents your relationship, and what you feel comfortable in because that’s what makes it timeless because it’s you. And this is completely Rachel.


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