Why You Should Attend Creative at Heart

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We’re always on the hunt for a Netflix/Hulu find to captivate us in our downtime. Our latest hook is “The Profit” where Marcus risks his time and money into businesses that are struggling. Most times they accept his offer of equity in their company and sometimes they don't - which we usually think is dumb. It's a riveting show folks and it's instigated crazzzzy conversations over here. And by crazy I mean pretty normal. They consist of us discussing good conflict in reality TV shows to Nate deciding to crunch our numbers and both of us coming to the conclusion that calling Marcus isn’t the best way to improve our skills in photography, videography, and business.

BUT there are other outlets in which we better our skills and the administrative side of business. For example, Nate, looooves his podcasts. Entre Leadership is one he’s had on constantly – even when I’m trying to sleep on road trips. For me, I love watching Creative Live and reading blogs. For both of us, personal interaction through conferences and workshops has been one of our favorites. While we wouldn’t trade honing our skills at the Herrinton’s Video Workshop and Jeremy Chou’s Film Photography Workshop, there will always be a special place in my heart for the first one I attended - Creative at Heart.

At this conference, there’s an amazing line-up of speakers who represent all different aspects of the creative community. So it’s not solely photographers and it’s not based on a certain skill. While photography and videography is our sweet spot, getting outside of our specific realm and interacting with other creatives makes us a stronger business. From sessions, to Q & A breakout panels, to late night conversations with other women who “get it,” this conference reaches the spectrum of women who have dreams of starting a business or who are already established.

“Our heart's desire is to provide practical, inspirational and affordable education to those in the creative fields. Whether you've been in business for a few years, or your business is still a dream, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to build a successful business and make those big dreams happen.  We want you to know that you're not alone. Our motto of 'Here's to the Creatives' reminds us to stand proud under a banner of community; to hold out a hand to your neighbor, to share & give & help & love. You see, it's always, always better when we're together.”

Doesn’t that make you feel like you’ve found your tribe? An instant community? Me too. Which is why I’m trying to convince Nate that I need to go to Denver July 24-25th :)

If you’re looking for a conference to inspire you catch your dream and connect with other creatives; this is it. I left with a greater understanding of why we we're in this business. I left knowing that quitting my day job was a reality. I left knowing that if I did quit my day job, that Nate would be okay with getting a pet - #ourdoghenry.

Registration opens tonight at 8 and there will be a 48 flash hour sale that you’ll want to take advantage of! Plus, Denver. (Vert Kitchen’s House Roast Turkey Sandwich. You’ll thank me later).

So text some friends – and set your alarm for 8pm EST. Let's channel our inner Leslie Knope and catch our dreams together!

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