Las Vegas, Nevada | Desert Maternity Session

One of the greatest things about having lived in different cities across the U.S. is that we have friends we love spread out across America. This means when close friends get married in Washington, we go! And while we're traveling, we see as many people as possible on the way there and the way back. That's exactly how February started out and then it snuck it's way into our lives as a travel month as we found ourselves skipping time zones and missing our bed from Seattle to Las Vegas to Virginia, to Georgia. In Las Vegas, we grabbed at the opportunity to meet up with Sara and her husband Ben to document this time in their lives before they bring their sweet baby girl into the world later this month!

Sara and I met while we were working for the same church in Las Vegas - while playing on the worship team together. Aside from being a dear friend and an incredible musician, she walked through my entire dating relationship with Nate and was there to prompt me to get my nails done when we thought Nate was going to propose. Even more, she went back with me when Nate didn't propose that weekend. (Spoiler alert, we got engaged. More on that later.) Eventually, we got our nails redone at the right time and that big apple red sure made my ring shine!

This month is full of exciting things for Sara - besides carrying sweet baby Harvest, her birthday was yesterday! And speaking of birthdays, mine is this next Monday. And speaking of National Holidays, I'm working on my Elfster Wishlist for my birthday. (As long as Nate knows, we're all good.) 

Sara and Ben, we are so thankful for our friendship and can't wait to meet your little girl - you two are going to be incredible parents!