How We Shot a Wedding and Were in the Bridal Party

Yesterday we shared Keren & Dylan's winter wedding. If you missed it, make sure to check out the swoon-worthy photos before continuing here! Today, we're dishing how we were in the wedding and shot it.

When Keren announced her engagement, we were set on being in the wedding party and not shooting the day so we could enjoy ourselves the whole time. Keren, being the gracious person she is, didn't want to take that away from us and went on the hunt for a photographer. The more she searched, the more we realized that part of us enjoying her wedding was being able to capture it through our lenses. The turning point happened when I received the following text from Keren:

"That moment when you see a picture you love so you go to contact the photographer and realize it's your sister"

And that was it; we were in. We knew we would need another trusted shooter who could handle all the formal portraits: bridesmaids, groomsmen, family photos, etc. so Ashley Eiban stepped right up and did a fantastic job. It made our day so much more relaxed because there was a third set of eyes capturing everything. Even though Nate and I gladly matched the bridal party (I mean did you see those dresses?!) we didn't stand up with the bridal party during the ceremony for two reasons. One, Keren was okay with it. Two, even though we trusted Ashley to capture everything, it was more fun for us to photograph it.

Plus, I had some help from two more sisters who would grab a camera throughout the night. While everyone was getting ready, Kathryn would pause from doing Keren's hair and make-up to snap a few photos so I could be in them. Not to mention, she did it all while being 6 months pregnant!  Side note - Nate and I did get all ready before hand so we could capture everyone else getting ready and grab detail shots!

Having awesome help allowed us to celebrate and give speeches while getting some amazing behind the scenes photos. While we realize being in a wedding and shooting it will take on different forms depending on the couple, location, and your preferences, this one worked out magically for us!